Sustaining Life with a Sense of Passion

One question I continually ask students is, “O.K. you’ve reached your goal. Now what?”

In the pursuit of living a “more than happy” life with a sense of passion we must realize the goal is not just reached; it has strengthened us for the next challenge. Each challenge is another step toward living a life of personal expression.

It is why we are here! It is our greatest gift to our personal history. It is all that matters!


Sustaining that sense of purpose is done through vision.

If your life is in a funk- your vision is in a funk.

Use your thoughts to visualize what the precious accomplishments can lead to.

Think big! Think better! Think prosperously!

But do think. Think in your ultimate favor.


Those who have reached this wonderful life by living with a sense of passion know that it is a taste better than any, but must be renewed! It must be nurtured, re-planted, challenged, and most of all- exercised.


We respect those who dare to climb and have taken in the view.

The view?

The view is an expansive and exhilarating acknowledgement of who you are and who you can become.

Those who have been there will tell you that it is unique to all who reach this point. They will also share that it is not about the amount of money, days of vacation, or toys acquired; these are just results of the pursuit.

The greatest reward is an “inside thing”.


It’s not the color of your skin, the size of your skin, what you do on your skin, or even where you transport your skin that carries passion in your life. It is only what goes on inside your skin that we, in our deepest thoughts, hold as the core of our being.


Continue the climb; enjoy the challenges; and enjoy the view!