“Gifted” is my favorite subject of ridicule.

Usually, people are referring to that intangible natural ability that manifests as they show the world their talent.

The only gift you need to live a life of passion is your brain!

I’ll assume the obvious and say that you must have a decent brain if you got this far in the article. That you woke up, can breathe, and have a pulse, are the only gifts you need to get the momentum of your happier life going.

Are you waiting for inspiration?

 “Inspiration is so motivating” we often say. While it is a rush of energy toward an interest and gets new ideas rolling, DO NOT RELY ON INSPIRATION OR WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN!!!!!!

Inspiration fadesthat is its nature.

Inspiration is a feeling that accompanies an idea. Those who live with passion know that hard work leads to inspirationnot the other way around!

It is because of what we did that creates feelings for a better future!

Do it NOW!

I say (with passion) CREATE YOUR INSPIRATION!

The harder you work on an idea the more apt you are to have the better idea to follow; the one that inspires you to keep working. Albeit, you may discover that you are on the wrong road, or you may learn how you’ve wasted time, but most importantly you will undoubtedly be closer to the vision that gives you immeasurable strength for the challenges to come.

Those challenges are the bridge to your passion!

Value the idea; work it hard. Have the inspiration; work it hard.

Be more than happy; be passionate!