In a life of passion and purpose we rely on feelings for direction.

But when it comes to getting motivated

put your feelings about the process, the work, and the task list LAST!

How many times have I heard, ”I didn’t feel like it” as the reason for lack of accomplishment?

TOO MANY TIMES! It is the worst excuse and leads to a lack of pure motivation. Pure motivation is then washed out by the phantom motivation called “urgency”.

It feeds the lazy, nourishes procrastination, and strengthens insecurity.

If you value the ‘want’ to do a task you have already diminished the optimum result.

 Rise above your feelings and do it anyway!

You will experience a surge of motivation somewhere in the process that will lead to achievement of greatest results.

 Learn the most powerful approach to motivation-

Do it, then decide if you should have.

 Exercise- then decide if it was the right use of time.

Do your bills- then decide if it was wise use of time.

Practice a skill- never a bad use of time.

Choose the important task that you detest and do it.

 If you ever finish a task and know that you should not have done it-

it was not important!


This approach is the shot of espresso in the diet of life!


Use the Shot of Espresso Playlist to motivate you towards your passion!