Two Heads are Better Than One

Regardless of how you decide to carry out your sense of purpose remember the power that comes from the feedback of others.

Often, the passion and inspired vision cause us to disregard the potency of outside input.

Two heads are often better than one!

We can become so engrossed in the inspiration that we close, rather than open, the creative energy of opinions around us. We avoid realism in favor of what is ideal. It can be humbling to see our inspiration as intangible or incomplete.

It is less exciting to hear the limits of our present vision, yet can serve as the ingredient that completes the idea.

Our independent thinking may keep creative energy from flowing.

The power of others opinions is not to be confused with pleasing another person’s expectations. Let them do that! We are talking about input that may generate the best possible outcome for your vision.

To get the most from others feedback it may be wise to follow a few helpful guidelines before “opening up” and sharing your passion amongst outside opinions-

  1. Approach those who pursue excellence- people who have high caliber expectations of their own work tend to shoot you straight; they know you are serious about best results.
  2. Approach those who can be objective- those who don’t care about your inspiration can be the best source for helping you to see the reality of outcomes. Emphasis is placed on “what is” rather than “what could be”. Your excitement becomes secondary to actual results.  Some of my best musical decisions came from funneling an idea through the non-musician.
  3. Approach the experienced- The experienced know. The closer you get to someone who knows your field, the better.

History is full of examples showing how the collective mind took an idea to the top. 

So, enjoy the excitement that comes from tweeking your dreams.

Accept the power had in putting ideas together.

Involve the great minds around you and live the better life!