Photo Credit: Quesada World Collection

Thank you for the positive feedback on the newsletters about living a life of passion and purpose!

I receive countless emails with questions directed at personal situations and challenges. The most exciting part of it is seeing people (and this means you) really do desire to unleash personal potential.

As all situations differ from one another, a common thread of interest pops up more than I can ignore. 

“I know life is better when living with passion, but what if I don’t have a passion. Can passion be created?”

It is a popular myth that some are chosen and some are not when it comes to having a passion. We see the delicious energy that emits from the driven person as if it is something innate, or given only to the “chosen” people by God.

We are ALL chosen!

It is laughable to think that God wants some to enjoy a heightened life while others sit and watch. I will share with you what might be missing from your life-

the creation of passion.

The most effective way I have ever known to create a passion and enjoy a better life is to live knowing you do have a passion you just need to find it.

Know that you do! It is as simple as knowing you have presents under the tree. You just have to find and open them.

Your job in life is to actively look for your passion.

It’s the only way to gain purpose.

Seek and ye shall find.

It will not come to you. The gifts do not open themselves! Get involved in the search (and never, ever stop). Passion does not join in with inaction. Passion merges with activity.

I am not talking about setting goals (a boring way to find passion yet an effective way to grow passion).

I am talking about responding to genuine interest. A genuine interest is a response to that which intrigues you, not just any stimulus that catches your attention.

If you feel you have no interest worth examining, I believe you are wrong and will believe other facades that detour you.

That something interests you is a nudge from the heavens- a little bitty piece of passion just knocked on your door.

That it intrigues you is passion taking your hand and saying, “Follow me. I’ll show you more.”

Now, if you sit back and say, “John, I am neither interested in anything special or find anything to be intriguing- now what?”

Congratulations! You have just proven one of the most powerful laws of humanity to be true-

We find what we are looking for!

Seek and ye shall find.