Have you ever had one of those days when events seem to flow your direction? The kind of day when you are not surprised, but delighted to see things come together according to plan? Maybe you are having one today; the vision is clear, focus is strong, and the plan is flowing as expected.

 Welcome to the bigger pictureVisual Resonance. 

 When we observe that our vision is being played out and that we influence outcomes according to that vision, we are experiencing “visual resonance”. Moment by moment, play by play.

Visual resonance is the experience when what we think and what we do are in sync toward a meaningful outcome.

 Vision becomes reality. Inspiration is at home.

 While working on the latest performance involving percussion, guitar, and photography, we needed a title for the project. Jon Donald (percussion) put together several possible ways to label our efforts. One phrase seemed to identify our purpose and describe the process that we experienced as we produced a dream come true-

“Visual Resonance”.

It’s meaning was aimed at the combination of sight and sound.

It is more than that.

It is the combination of mental vision and life!

 It creates the next moment of our life.

 Every time we act in accordance with a vision we are creating the outcome. We do it constantly, good and bad!

When we let less important decisions and actions play out we are still acting on vision. We are simply acting on what we see as “next”. 

 Visual Resonance is when success flows toward the higher road.

We see mentally, we do physically, and we respond mentally. Do more of what you see according to what resonates as best. You can feel the decisions as being “right”. You can see things come together in your favor. 

To resonate with your higher vision is to vibrate in life!