Once you are on the road to passion, via interest and intrigue, take a serious think session and rewrite your language.

Imagine that every spoken word that you utter plays out in behavior. Imagine that the laws of the universe are such that you can’t control it. As the words leave your mouth it is already shaping the outcome. It will create your intent.

Imagine that everything you say is literal.

The things we say are most often exaggerations of the reality or passive comments that protect us from commitment.


Get the word “probably” out of your life. You can live without it and it can live without you. Choose a more accurate way to express your stand on whatever follows that word.


Identify your protective cover that excludes you from commitment.

When I changed my own language (and continue to do so regularly), I saw how my relationships improved (students, teachers, friends, and family). I gained a different kind of unspoken respect. My words became an extension of my truth; what they could clearly understand and count on.

I was headed into a lesson the other day and a student was on his cell phone talking to a prospective date.

I heard him say (and I am not kidding), “I’ll probably see if I can maybe call you sometime later tonight or something.

When he hung up I said to him, ”You aren’t going to call her. Why didn’t you just tell her that?”.

He said, “Yes, I am. I just told her I would.”

I laughed and said, “No you didn’t. You just made it clear that she would not hear from you.”

He was offended by my supposition and assured me that he had every intent on calling her, probably tonight.

The next day I saw him and asked, “Well, are you dating her””

He said, “Who?”

“The girl you were talking to yesterday”

“Oh, that’s right. Oh, I never connected with her”.

Remove “probably”, “maybe”, “I don’t know”, “could be”, and “I guess” from your vocabulary . You will soon understand how these responses have diluted your meaning. You will see how they serve as a protective shield for commitment to think.

To think and respond effectively.



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