You are born with a gift”.

Yeah, I know. You’ve heard this all your life. From Oprah, your mother, friends, and from the commencement speaker at your high school graduation, you have heard it to the point of a cliché that triggers boredom.

“You have a unique talent waiting to happen. You are special.”

It is time to shape your mind and experience believing these wonderful statements.

Aside from talent and abilities, you are born with the gift of being able to receive inspiring information that fuels your purpose.

It is when you wake up the most. It is when you allow inspiration to move an idea.

You are a walking antenna for ideas and inspirations.

Reception takes the form of many outside influences.

Include music as a form of reception.

Shape your mind by enjoying music that understands you.

Music is a part of the pursuit of purpose, just as reading is a part of the pursuit of education.

Read that which resonates with a higher understanding.

Listen to that which resonates with fueling purpose.

Give your purpose a pool to swim, a comfort to enjoy, and a place to land.

Listen to music and exercise your gift.

Listen to music and give your energy a place to land and grow.