In an ever demanding world of expectation,we sometimes overlook the power of letting our inner being settle into a totally relaxed state.

Purpose is often found in the quiet moments while our mind turns the ideas of our desire.

I’m not referring to the moments that take place everyday, after long hours of tension and exhaustion.

I am talking about the calm that washes over us when we take time to hear the water lap onto the shore; when we hear the wind turn to a breeze; when we are less “getting away” from tension and more getting closer to a focused calm.

What does it mean to you to be relaxed?

How do you get there?

Do you include the right setting, the right scenery, the right music?

Calmness can be exercised. Tension can be exorcised.

Anything we exercise becomes strengthened.

Work the muscles of calmness. Work the stillness into a moment and relearn how to be present.

Rejuvenate the enjoyable and most delicious experience you know- just being.

Take time to just watch the clouds roll by- for hours.

Take time to smell the rain, hear the birds, and feel the breeze.

Watch the moon go over. Watch the sun come up.

You have to have a blank slate to write the important thoughts. Clear your mind.

Put your self in a place of opportunity to enjoy the calmness of every thing you see, hear, smell, and feel.

It is where purpose is born.