Are you excited about the day and all that it offers?

Is your smile on automatic because of your inspired frame of mind?

Do you feel great knowing your energy is growing the right stuff in the right places?


Are you tired? Tired of work, the routine, and the stress?

Do you go to work to count one more day until retirement?

Do you do what you do today just because you did it yesterday?

If you are not inspired, trust that it won’t be long before you feel expired.

The good news is- you are not alone and solutions start here!  

No matter what your situation you can change the energy of today to create a better tomorrow!

Most often, when we are not inspired (like we once were), it is a sign of letting inspiration come to you, rather than going to it. Don’t wait for inspiration- create inspiration.

Many wait for inspiration to come like a train that may, or may not arrive. Get your mind moving and act on even the smallest idea. Then watch it grow.

Like a special entree, serve your ideas to the world around you. By serving even the smallest part of the world you give a part of yourself that will cause energy to go up. When we expect inspiration to serve us we will wait, and soon feel expired.

Get involved in your ideas. Don’t let them live only in the mind– put them in the world.

Jump in the water of inspiration and saturate yourself with excitement.

We become how we see our life. Plant inspiration in your day by respecting your ideas. 

Create the idea of a better tomorrow. Go toward what you want to become.

Fortunate for you, it is all in your control. You have complete control over your energy and inspirations.

Please-don’t wait.

Smile and seek your inspiration then serve it to all who cross its path.

In the words of Steven Pressfield,

“Don’t cheat us out of your contribution.

Give us what you’ve got!

Enjoy the inspirations! Enjoy a better life!