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  • Inspiration or Expiration- You Choose!Your energy for life grows from the seeds planted in the soil of inspiration. Gain perspective of what you can do to enjoy each day as your best. Svoboda's "user friendly" style gets you started on what may be the most important ingredient in the balance of your life.
  • The Whisper of Tranquility NewsletterWould you like to know the most important exercise to understanding your purpose? We often overlook the easiest path to what we really do desire. Kick back and take another leap on the steps that put you where you want to be. Read while John Svoboda shares another insight that helps all of us understand our climb to the summit.
  • The Whisper of TranquilityA moment to yourself. The pleasant calmness of silence in a good conversation. The enjoyment of knowing you can just sit… and listen
  • Reception - You Are an Antenna You have a gift. The most important gift you have goes way beyond your skills and talents. Read and enjoy a new way to view that greatest gift bestowed on you.


  • Cmp222Hey John...I lost your phone number! Wanted to tou
  • Kathy KemperGreat interview especially after coming home from
  • KathyLoved the article. It made me stop and think about