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The Elite Guitar Program

Founded in 2001, for students with desire to engage in higher levels of achievement, John Svoboda has created and developed the most effective approach to reaching elevated excellence at any age of study.

An intensive study workshop setting allows thorough and deep understanding of the principles required to gain mastery of talent. Skills are addressed that apply to growth in all stages of life.

Structured with respect to personal learning styles, emphasis is given to the most important ingredients that make up an excellent musician:

1. Knowing the Instrument
2. Effective Technical Skills
3. Get More from Less Practice
4. Expression and the Energy of Enjoyment
5. Focus Beyond Distraction
6. Preparing for Performance
7. How to Captivate an Audience

All graduate’s names are entered on the Elite Guitar Program Plaque of Achievement for all to see and respect. These students are the Navy Seals of their peer group in music.